Is the CuddleRoo easy to attach?

Yes. Just slide the shoulder and hip straps of the carrier through the four elastic straps of the CuddleRoo. Click on our "How To Wear" section.

What Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) brands does the CuddleRoo fit?

The CuddleRoo fits on most styles of soft-structured baby carriers (carriers that can be worn like backpacks on the chest or back) including Ergobaby®, Infantino®, Boba®, Beco®, Eddie Bauer®, Tula®, LILLEbaby®, etc.* If you have any questions please contact us at hello@cuddleroo.com.

Can I use a CuddleRoo on a “sling” or “wrap” style carrier?

No. CuddleRoo only fits on SSC carriers with shoulder and hip straps.

Can the CuddleRoo be worn on a back carrier?

Yes, assuming that it is a backpack-style structured carrier and the child faces the wearer at all times.  The CuddleRoo is NOT designed for framed hiking carriers and NOT designed for carrying a child in an outward facing position (whether carrying the child on the chest or back).

Can a CuddleRoo be worn without the carrier? 

No. It is a cover for a carrier and should always be attached to a carrier.

Is the CuddleRoo machine washable?

We recommend that you hand wash your CuddleRoo and line dry to maintain its shape and softness.

Can a CuddleRoo be dry-cleaned?

We don’t recommend it.

Will I still be able to access the features of my carrier with the CuddleRoo?

Yes. The CuddleRoo design makes it very easy to access the existing zippers, pockets and hoodies on  your carrier. Simply slip your hands between the CuddleRoo and your carrier to access the features.

Will the CuddleRoo add weight to my carrier?  

Very little. A CuddleRoo weighs between 6 and 10 oz. depending upon the design.

What are the dimensions of the CuddleRoo?

20” Long  X 16” Wide

What age will the hood fit? 

The hood fits babies' head sizes up to 18 months (head circumference up to 23 inches). 

Do CuddleRoo fabrics comply with Consumer Product Safety Act?

Yes. All fabrics comply with all the guidelines of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Are CuddleRoo fabrics treated with fire retardant chemicals?

No. Our fabrics are not treated with fire retardant chemicals.

What other designs does a CuddleRoo come in?

New designs will be introduced regularly. Provide us your email address and we will send you updates on new designs and products as they become available.





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